PetroMining Expert Group meets with Kazakhstan Minister of Energy Almasadam Maidanovich Satkaliev
The results of the 1st OPOs congress were presented and problematic issues were outlined within the framework of the roadmap — OPOs Problematics.

Meeting results:

1. The roadmap was approved for joint development.

2. The Association received support in the creation of a permanent working group of the Energy Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and OPOs; a corresponding order is expected.

3. It was agreed that the Association will participate in the interdepartmental working group on the development of the concept of the draft law on amendments to the legislation in the sphere of turnover of oil products.

4. The necessity of involvement of the Association in the development of the new tax code was discussed.

5. The accreditation of the Association by the Energy Ministry was supported.

Meeting of the expert group of the PetroMining Association
with the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. M. Satkaliev

On behalf of all OPOs and the PetroMining Association, we would like to thank Almasadam Maidanovich for his support to OPOs and productive cooperation.