Three PetroMining experts listed in 2 oil industry rankings
Kazservice and publications listed representatives of the PetroMining Association Sayat Boranbekov, Dastan Soltybekov and Rakhman Asambayev in their rankings of industry experts.

Kazservice magazine included our association PetroMining represented by President Sayat Boranbekov in the Top 50 most influential persons in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan.
Sayatbek Boranbekov is a GR specialist and professional mediator (ADR).

He received a higher specialised education in international law — Specialist in International Relations with knowledge of two foreign languages (English, Turkish).

Experienced in public service and has 10 years of interaction with state authorities representing the interests of large foreign businesses.

For the last 5 years held the position of Deputy General Director for Government Relations and Risk Management at Cameco Corporation (#1 Canadian investor in Kazakhstan), Managing Director of the Union of Subsoil Users of Kazakhstan. Represented Cameco's interests in the Presidential Council of Foreign Investors.

In the PetroMining Association, responsible for the general management of the Association and relations with the Government.

The ranking was based on a survey of 20 industry experts who chose from 99 would-be candidates. also included two OPOs experts, Dastan Soltybekov, field director at Kazpetrol Group LLP, and Rakhman Asambayev, director of the crude oil refining and marketing department at SSM OIL LLP, in its annual review of the "Top 30 Young Leaders of Kazakhstan's Oil and Gas Industry 2023".
"The review "Top 30 Young Leaders of Kazakhstan's Oil and Gas Industry 2023" represents the golden fund of specialists with technical education, who are engaged in management and other responsible positions of the production sector both in oil and gas producing companies and in business, oil and gas TNCs, ministries, universities and associations," commented.
Dastan Soltybekov, field director at Kazpetrol Group LLP, was born in 1987. He has more than 10 years of experience in executive positions in oil and gas companies in Kazakhstan. He is also a project manager for the Digital Field project. He graduated from the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin with a degree in Oil and Gas Field Development and an MBA.

Rakhman Asambayev, director of the crude oil refining and marketing department at SSM OIL LLP, was born in 1990. He graduated from the University of Sydney (the Department of Electrical Engineering and Cybernetics at Imperial College). Began his career in Australia and later in Mongolia in the field of subsoil use projects. He is actively engaged in expert activity and data analysis of oil production and oil products market in Kazakhstan and develops market recommendations for the Association of PetroMining organizations. Rakhman's economic calculations (justifications) formed the basis for the preparation of analytical material in the Agency for the Protection and Development of Competition of the RK on problematic issues of oil-producing organizations (OPOs).

We are confident that this is the achievement of all our OPOs and processing enterprises, which united and created an expert institute represented by the Association.

We are grateful for your dedication, professionalism and contribution to the development of our industry. Congratulations to all PetroMining Association members and market colleagues on their recognition and achievements!