PetroMining Association brings together Kazakhstan's OPOs for congress to coordinate joint position on problematic issues

The PetroMining Association, which brings together independent oil producers and refiners in Kazakhstan, will hold its first congress in Almaty in early August.
According to the Head of the PetroMining Association, Sayat Boranbekov, many independent oil companies in Kazakhstan have long felt the need for an open dialogue with colleagues to consolidate a common position on problematic issues and a more fruitful dialogue with the Government.

This event is also a good opportunity to promote business networking among representatives of oil-producing organisations and the expert community.
The establishment of the PetroMining Association is a natural and consistent step following a year's work of an initiative group of representatives of oil-producing organisations (OPOs).
Since December 2022, OPOs voiced their disagreement with the creation of a monopoly in the domestic market, presented the position of OPOs to the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan chaired by Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov. They defended the interests of OPOs at the meetings of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. OPOs prepared an analysis with justification for the cancellation of the order of the Ministry of Energy from April 12, 2023 No. 139 "On establishment of marginal prices for the wholesale marketing of petroleum products for stationary petrol stations, for which the state regulation of prices is established", and are actively working with the Agency for Protection and Development of Competition of the Republic of Kazakhstan (APDC) and others.
"We self-organise, attract the strongest industry experts to build a transparent and constructive dialogue with each other and our colleagues in the Government," says Sayat Boranbekov.
PetroMining invites to the congress both current participants, members of the OPOs initiative group, and those who are planning to co-operate with the Association, noting that joining the Association is free of charge and does not impose any restrictions or obligations on participants.
"Our association was created not to criticise or oppose anyone. We meet to work out together a productive strategy for the development of the industry, on which we have high expectations and responsibility. We consider all market players, including existing associations as colleagues with whom we plan to co-operate," concludes Jaromir Rabai, Executive Director of the PetroMining Association.
For background: The PetroMining Association was established on the initiative of a number of oil-producing organisations (OPOs) on May 22, 2023, to combine efforts, protect and promote the interests of independent subsoil users and oil-refining organizations by forming an open dialogue with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
OPOs' share in oil and gas condensate production in Kazakhstan in 2022 accounted for 20.9% of the total volume or 17.6 million tonnes. They provided 2.4 trillion in tax revenues to Kazakhstan's budget for 2020-2022, employing more than 43 thousand workers in Kazakhstan's oil and gas regions.
All questions should be addressed to the heads of the Association and the organisers of the congress by phone:
+7 702 671 4261 (Sayat Boranbekov)
+7 771 999 5533 (Jaromir Rabai)