English-language Oil Newsletter now available from PetroMining, and Naft@kz Associations

"Monthly Newsletter on Oil and Gas Production and Processing in the Republic of Kazakhstan" for April 2024 is available in English by following the link. You may also read the English-language analytics for January, February and March.
All information will be available not only to those involved in the oil production industry in Kazakhstan, but also to foreign top management of OPOs, international market participants, investors and other concerned parties and companies.
For example, according to the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in April 2024, Kazakhstan exported 6,421.0 thousand tons of oil to 19 countries. The volume of oil exports for the reporting month, compared to the previous month, is 4.8% higher, while compared to April last year, it is 7.0% lower. Exports of Kazakh oil for January-April of this year amounted to 24,279.3 thousand tons, which is 3.3% more than the volume for the same period last year.
Thus, with access to complete data on crude oil, natural gas, liquefied gas and gas condensate production throughout Kazakhstan, and on oil shipments to the domestic market and for export, experts and stakeholders are able to make informed decisions, develop strategies and plan further actions.
This issue in English and Russian will be published as publicly available. All subsequent issues of the Newsletter will be available to the audience on a regular basis, based on a paid subscription.
About the Project:
The "Monthly Newsletter on Oil and Gas Production and Processing in Kazakhstan" project was founded by the team of the Naft@KZ Telegram channel in 2024. The PetroMining and associations had resolved to support the founder of Naft@KZ, Sabit Almauytov in developing analytics of the oil market of Kazakhstan.
As part of the memorandum signed by the Chairman of the Oil and Gas Council, Assylbek Jakiyev, and the President of the PetroMining Association, Sayat Boranbekov in March 2024, the teams united in a strategic alliance to scale up activities, and this is their first joint project.