Svetland-Oil became the new heroes of the ON THE WATCH program

The OPOs’ PetroMining Association has visited the Oktyabrskoye field of Svetland-Oil LLP in the Kurmangazinsky district of the Atyrau region, which became the highlight of a new episode of the “ON THE WATCH” program on the YouTube channel.
The history of the field began more than 30 years ago with the discovery of the first well in 1993. The founder of the Svetland-Oil company is Iosif Iosifovich Shmal, who headed it until the end of 2020, and currently serves eas the lected chairman of the supervisory board.
Despite the fact that the Oktyabrskoye field is not the largest deposit compared to others in the Caspian region, the Svetland-Oil company annually invests $3-5 million in its development, relying on geological exploration, equipment modernization and personnel training.
Today, production is proceeding at a dynamic pace, and the company’s team demonstrates its readiness for new challenges and tasks to increase production volumes. To date, accumulated oil production exceeds 300 thousand tons, and about 35% of the produced raw materials are supplied to the domestic market of Kazakhstan, and prospects for expanding export contracts are being discussed.
In the new ON THE WATCH episode, the PetroMining team interviewed the key figures of the Svetland-Oil company:
  • Abilkares Zhenis Abilkaresovich, General Director;
  • Islyamov Serzhan Nabievich, First Deputy General Director;
  • Bisengaliev Zhanbolat Zhanzelenovich, Chief Geologist;
  • Mirgaliev Amandyk Erlanovich, Head of Production Department;
  • Nurzhanova Akmaral Amantaevna, Head of the General Department.
“Since 1991, as soon as the company registered as Svetland-Oil, we immediately began working on developing the field. In 1993, we drilled the first well, and in May we had the first influx of oil,” said Abilkares Zhenis Abilkaresovich, General Director of Svetland-Oil.
In the new episode of the program “ON WASHTA” you can find out how the Svetland-Oil company, the same age as the independence of Kazakhstan, lives and works, as well as what big goals and objectives it sets for the future.