PetroMining and have supported the Naft@KZ Project and together issued the Monthly Oil Newsletter

The latest third issue of the “Monthly Newsletter on Oil and Gas Production and Processing in the Republic of Kazakhstan” based on the results of March 2024 has been launched.

Available for download via this link.

The project was founded by the Naft@KZ telegram channel team in 2024. The PetroMining and associations have decided to support the founder of Naft@KZ, Sabit Almauytov, in the development of analytics for the oil market in Kazakhstan.

As part of a memorandum signed by the Chairman of the Oil and Gas Council, Assylbek Jakiyev and the President of the PetroMining Association, Sayat Boranbekov in March 2024, the teams have united in a strategic alliance with the aim of scaling their activities, with this being their first joint project.

Thanks to their synergy in analytics, infographics, and promotion, association leaders are confident that they will deliver high-quality, timely analytics to all managers and chief market specialists.

The document includes monthly information on the production of crude oil, gas, liquefied gas, including gas condensate, throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan, oil shipments to the domestic market, and for export. Sections dedicated to gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and fuel oil.

This newsletter contains valuable statistics that will enable the public and industry to understand and track current trends in the oil and gas industry. Open and transparent information helps increase public awareness of key trends in this important sector of our country's economy.

Prepared by expert analysts under the leadership of the founder of Naft@KZ, Sabit Almauytov, processed using an infographic approach by the team of Yaromir Rabay, and advanced promotion by Laura Suleimenova’s team, the Newsletter will provide expert top managers of the industry with regular information about the main indicators in oil production, the dynamics of changes in the industry, and will also help predict important parameters for further optimization of financial and economic activities and decision making.

The analytical section will be available to readers on a regular monthly basis through a paid subscription. The first 3 months are free so that the audience has time to get acquainted with the product. The subscription will be offered to every enterprise and specialist. This is one of the key principles of the project.

The quality and depth of information analytics are ensured by the tripartite Newsletter format, in which three partners - PetroMining, Naft@KZ and have consolidated their experience and expertise in order to relay this to the market in a convenient format.

The newsletter will be updated and enhanced through feedback from the oil industry community, which will be able to make recommendations and suggestions to the authors of the guide.

The two previous issues were redesigned and now all of them are available to be reviewed and used on the websites of all partners, as well as in telegram channels and other social media. For now, the Monthly Oil Newsletter will be available in 2 language versions - RU and EN.

We are always open to feedback, recommendations and additional analytics, so we are ready to hear your comments through our telegram channel administrator.