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The establishment of the PetroMining Association was preceded by the consolidation of independent oil-producing organizations of Kazakhstan into an initiative group with a permanent advisory council to promote the interests of OPOs at the governmental level. The effective and well-coordinated work of the initiative group of OPOs resulted in the establishment of the PetroMining Association in 2023.

We aim to promote a responsible oil industry, respect for justice for oil-producing organizations and equal rights. Today, there are more than 90 oil-producing organizations in Kazakhstan playing a significant role in the production of oil and gas condensate.

In 2022, the share of OPOs in the country's total oil and gas condensate production totalled a significant 21%, equivalent to 17.6 million tonnes. OPOs have made a significant input into the country's economy, contributing KZT 2.4 trillion to the country's budget in the period from 2020 to 2022. OPOs provide more than 43,000 jobs for Kazakhstanis in 5 regions of the country.

Organizational structure of the Association

General meeting of the Association members
Executive director
OPOs Advisory Council

President of the Association

Sayat Boranbekov is a GR specialist and professional mediator (ADR).

Received higher specialised education in international law — Specialist in International Relations with knowledge of two foreign languages (English, Turkish).

Experienced in public service and has 10 years of interaction with state authorities representing the interests of large foreign businesses.

For the last 5 years held the position of Deputy General Director for Government Relations and Risk Management at Cameco Corporation (#1 Canadian investor in Kazakhstan), Managing Director of the Union of Subsoil Users of Kazakhstan. Represented Cameco's interests in the Presidential Council of Foreign Investors.

In the PetroMining Association, responsible for the general management of the Association and relations with the Government.

Message from the President of the PetroMining Association

Sayat Boranbekov

Executive Director of the Association

Yaromir Rabay

Analyst and expert in the oil and gas industry.

Graduated from Satpayev KazNTU in 2004, specializing in oil and gas geology.

Worked in oil and gas companies in positions from field geologist to department director and chief geologist, including in the quasi-governmental sector. Has experience working in non-public organisations in the areas of subsoil use, power generation, production and processing of hydrocarbons, ecology, local content development, procurement from subsoil users and others.

In 2016-2019, held the position of the Chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the PetroMining Association, responsible for the analytics block and the OPOs Advisory Council.
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Sayat Boranbekov
President of the Association
Operational address for correspondence:
City of Almaty, Gorny Gigant microdistrict, Nurlybayev Street, 15.
Yaromir Rabay
Executive Director
+7 (771) 999 55 33
Kuandyk Akerke
Office Assistant
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